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savina monet fierro is a creative designer providing innovative, modern and aesthetic solutions for businesses.

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Nice to meet you

I'm Savina, web a designer-who-codes. I create efficient and innovative experiences that balance user needs and business goals. All in all, no matter what discipline, I truly enjoy the act of creation, and I love collaborating with others.

When I'm not sitting in front of a screen, I enjoy hiking the beautiful Oregon mountain territory and creating digital collages that trip people out.

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  • Wordpress
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Ask questions. Ask questions, and then when you think you know the answer, question that. Investigating the project gets to the core of the problem and allows us to empathize with our audience. There's a bit of magic involved, and if there weren't I'd be a physicist, not a developer. Prepare to be both excited by the potential and then overwhelmed at how much diligence is involved in working out the details.


To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how the design phase works, other than it follows a spark and then there is an outcome. It's not work to be taken lightly, design work, especially on larger projects, goes through multiple rounds of revisions. Once we discover the core of the project's problems, our creativity flows to fill in our audience's pain points.


I have a confession to make, this phase is the most overlooked, and often most important phose of any project. Because of this, there is an abundance of mediocre work in the wild. During the design phase, too many people are conscerned about making the website more "pretty". We have to work harder than that. I've personally struggled with this phase of the project in the past, but after too many projects ended in the same way, I refused to let it happen again. I ask all of my clients to do the same. At the crucial moment at which you no longer feel it's fun, it's essential to refocus your vision. There’s a difference between not being able to afford something and not considering it in the first place.

Working with a Freelancer

When I first started my company, I had enough in my account to cover one month of rent and a bag of rice and beans to stay fed. I didn't have more than a year (and a half) of experience and even more troublesome, the small bit of design work I had wasn't great. As dark as it seemed, I took the plunge and got to work.

Working out of a back room on an Asus laptop, and a red peanut desk from IKEA, it was obvious that if I wanted to make a living creating websites I would need to focus on my strengths and find advantages in places others hadn't. I found that those uncommon advantages shared a common strength: communication. Before I could hold my own as a developer, I relied on clear communication and a deep caring for people and projects.

As my client base and business has grown, I still find myself making a hearty bowl of rice and beans to remember where I came from. When you work with a freelancer, you lose many of the vows of working with an agency, even if you're saving money. Understanding this, I do my best to work in a predictable, professional manner, focused on providing as much transparency into the working process as I possibly can.

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