About Savina
 – just a stoner fighting the stigma


When I first started freelancing, I had enough money to cover three things: one month of rent, a bag of beans and rice, and a thread of sanity. Rarely do we talk about the adrenaline and drive that come from leaping into something before you feel “ready,” but that’s exactly where I found myself: falling and building my wings along the way.

Working endlessly on an old laptop and a rickety red desk from IKEA, I knew that if I wanted to make a living doing what I love, I would need to find advantages in places others hadn’t. Communication became a key to my success, as well as caring deeply for people and their projects, and working in a methodical, professional manner, with a side of fun. 


As my client base and business grows, I still find myself making a hearty bowl of rice and beans to remember where I came from.


Be the captain of 
your own life. Don’t wait for opportunity to come and find you—go chase it down!

high there!

I'm Savina a graphic designer working with women and diverse-owned companies in the cannabis industry.  I believe in those who are passionate about cannabis and its history. 

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