Conscious Creations was first launched back in the Fall of 2017. Working with the father-daughter duo, I was tasked with revealing the core spirit of Conscious Creations' brand for the new adult-use California market.

Conscious Creations Product's topicals were created after Kelsey saw her parent's difficulty with debilitating diseases. Now, she wants to share that healing spirit with all of California and the rest of the nation. I worked with Kelsey and Roy to develop their outward facing brand with questionairres and weekly phone check-ins.

Conscious Creations Brand

Together, we created a brand identity for their line of topical products that will inspire the people to use it to create a better future every day. Kelsey and Roy want to help people look good, feel good and get more out of life with products and services that are good for them and for others. In the end, we want users to feel inspired to take small, everyday actions that can add up to a big difference for the world.

"Savina was able to take our vision and really take it to the next level. We didn't have any changes to the original design, it is exactly what we imagined!"
- Kelsey Neilson, Co-Founder of Conscious Creations Products

Currently, we are in the works on a beautiful, educational website for their healing products.