Cyndi Otteson

Cyndi really does it all. She is a mother, non-profit leader, award-winning marketer, leadership coach, and former political candidate for Los Angeles County District 14. Her eye-catching grassroots campaign led her to a close second place, but left her name in the minds of many citizens of Los Angeles. I worked with the creative agency Go As If from the beginning of the campaign season to develop the branding, logo, business cards, and all the campaign marketing materials that came with it in 3 different languages to accommodate L.A.’s diverse communities.

Project Info

Los Angeles, CA

June 2019 – March 2020

Campaign Branding, Print Design, Digital Ad Design, Website Support

Partnered with: Go As If creative agency

After her campaign ended in 2020, Cyndi shifted to instead inspire other young grassroot politicians through consulting and leadership coaching. We decided it was worth revisiting the logo and marketing materials so the branding matched this new message.

Cyndi was also inspired to create a new live-streamed conversation series called “Women Crush Wednesday” with progressive women candidates, elected officials and political influencers. They cover political races and policies, how they affect us and how you can get involved. The audience as an opportunity to learn without judgement, build confidence and boldly take action. Together we created a new brand identity and logo for this project as well as a few poster designs to raise awareness during launch.