Gold Moon Concentrates was founded by two women who couldn't agree with the quality of concentrates that were on the Oregon market at the time. I was asked to help this established brand bring their products to life and help their concentrates fly off the shelves.

Ana and Dawn already had an amazing product, but they wanted to easily communicate the tastiness of their concentrates to their customers. The idea for the tropical label set was to design something that transported the user to a fruity oasis. Gold Moon formulates their concentrates with juicy terpenes so one dab of their product tastes like a fruit cocktail in your mouth.

Gold Moon Concentrates Tropical Labels

I worked remotely with their creative director Ana to find the perfect combination of botanical cannabis leaves and fruit illustrations for each of their five flavors. I felt that a collage showing off the different ingredients used to make up the concentrates was the best representation of the unbeatable flavor inside the package. It turns out, their customers agreed and their limited edition tropical concentrates has been stocked in over twenty dispensaries in Oregon.

"Savina has done the design work for our award winning packaging at Gold Moon Concentrates! We love her!"
- Ana Hory, Co-Founder of Gold Moon Concentrates