Little Prince of Oregon has been a staple in the nursery industry for over 20 years. Their selection of unusual retail-ready plant material sets them apart from other wholesale nurseries. With such a pulse on the future, they knew their online presence needed some attention.

Little Prince is no stranger to great marketing and their website has always been their most important marketing tool, but previously, information was difficult to access. I started with a comprehensive web audit of Little Prince's current website. In-depth user research allowed me to build a website that was not only beautiful, but catered to a variety of needs. Wholesale nurseries like Little Prince often deal with couriers, other nurseries, retail garden centers and their customers! I knew we would need the ability to support all major browsers (including legacy versions!) on multiple devices.

Captivating content is essential for convincing visitors to buy, so everything is written from a retail customer's point of view. I worked with the talented Mark at Little Prince to customize each page of copy. And by integrating with market-leading tools like MailChimp (for marketing automation) and Wordpress (for content management), the website converts and provides a fantastic user experience.

"I have enjoyed every part of this project. Savina finished it so much more quickly than I thought could be done, based on the work of previous developers. I love the look of our new site!"
- Mark Leichty, Little Prince of Oregon Nursery

Once we had a solid page design in mind it was time to review the usefullness of some WordPress plugins that were added by the previous developer. Excessive plugins can bloat webpages which leads to longer wait times, a heavier page and user disappointment. I was able to remove over 70 WordPress plug-ins and cut the page size and load speed in half with handcrafted code.

As with any rededign, Little Prince was worried that their Search Engine rankings would be effected by the changing content. I made special care to maintain all previous unique keywords and meta tags and carried over these to any new pages. Since then, Little Prince has seen a 40% increase in their profits and about double the amount of traffic visiting their site than before the redesign.