Mad Fizzy

Mad [m-ah-d]
1. Translating to “a lot” or “extremely”

Fizzy [fiz-ee]
2. Pleasant. Positive. Affirmatory.


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Meet Frances

In my life I’ve found few things that are as invigorating as running a business. Being in business for yourself means navigating a complex web of relationships, schedules, visions, numbers and never ending surprises. At the center of any great brand or business is art. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s the focal point that everything else emanates from. Either way it’s what holds things together.

Art communicates your message to clients, employees and industry peers. Your brand’s photography is the visual representation of what you do and hopefully reminds you of why you do it. The photography that is created for your business should be something you are proud of. 


MadFizzy clients aren’t names in an inbox. They’re partners in crime.

They talk. We listen. They share. We create. 

We’re here to get your attention. 

Get weird with us.