Cannabis compliance can be a headache. Proper cannabis labeling and packaging is the key component to staying in compliance with state guidelines. Cannabis companies must ensure that their packages are tamper-proof, child-proof, and within accordance of their local laws.
Most of the factors that will either approve or deny your label depend on your state’s guidelines so always, always check there first. The downside, because the laws are constantly changing, businesses are forced to keep up with constant tweaks being made to remain in compliance and to protect the safety of the general public. One of my favorite sources to guide business owners has to be Leafly’s Marijuana Packaging & Labeling Laws by State, a guide chock-full of resources for those curious about laws in their region.

For the lucky people in Oregon, I have put together a white paper that covers general labeling requirements as well as design do’s and don’t’s that will steer you clear of any costly revisions. So, if you are licensed to produce, process or sell marijuana or industrial hemp products in Oregon be sure to review the new rules now to have ample time to update your labels by the April 1, 2019 deadline and avoid any civil penalty, which can go up to $500 per day—Ouch! Still not sure how your design will stand against the strict regulations? The application fee for a label design is nonrefundable, you can always contact your favorite canna-designer to triple-check your labels!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Oregon Label Compliance White Paper and get to creating your own beautiful labels!