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A Little About What I Do

I was fired from my job. *Poof* Gone. I was 23 and decided that instead of working for someone else, I would take a chance and be my own boss. So far, so good. I love working with passionate people in the cannabis industry, helping them find a voice for their business and bringing to life what they love most. And that’s one reason why this industry is so great: it’s full of dream-chasers and goal-getters and life-changers who believe in what they do, so I do too. Now I get fired up instead of getting, well, you know.

Branding Package

All great businesses begin with branding, where we cultivate strong partnerships with like-minded individuals who are looking to tell their story, the right way. This means that I’m not really interested in being a hired gun, but instead taking the time to truly understand the ins and outs of your business. This holistic approach allows me to thoughtfully develop my clients’ brands from the ground up.

Starting at $825

Web Design Services

Once you have an established identity, together we will work on building the sanctuary for your audience to gather: your website. Whether you are versed in geek talk or a complete techno-phob, there will always be complete transparency about the process of your website.

Squarespace & Shopify: $1,200 – $1,800
WordPress $1,600 – $2,500
WordPress + Ecommerce: $2,000 – $2,800
Price depends on platform + functionality

Social Media Package

Your business is unique—authentically you and different than anything you’ve seen before—so why would you post someone else’s content? Because you’re busy, that’s why. And while you know social media is an important tool,  it keeps slipping down the to-do list despite your best efforts.

Good thing I offer custom on-brand graphics and custom collages with a short turnaround time, so YOUR images are the ones people repost. 

$150 per graphic, 5+ graphics get 15% off.
Monthly packages available.

“Savina has a great energy and personality, I’m loving the work she has presented so far and I can’t wait for more.”

– Clent Baker, Founder of Papa Jesus Farms

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I'm Savina a freelance graphic designer working with women and diverse-owned companies in the cannabis industry.  I believe in those who are passionate about cannabis and its history. 


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