Papa Jesus Farms was founded by Clent Baker after watching his father battle stage four liver cirrhosis. Clent saw his father sedated by the numerous opioids he was prescribed and decided to try a natural alternative: Harlequin, a high THC low CBD strain.

The mixture of plant medicine and theraputic growing helped his father gain the strength to beat the cirrhosis. After seeing the power of cannabis, Clent decided to move out of Prohibition Texas to Oregon where he could legally continue treating his father and helping others. Clent asked for my help to introduce Papa Jesus Farms to the Oregon market correctly by creating original, top-notch content and managing his social media.

Papa Jesus Strain Cards

I felt the dark, masculine aesthetic was most fitting for Papa Jesus' heavy-hitting strains. His target audience were veteran smokers that enjoyed the craft cannabis taste. Together, we created educational and entertaining posts that increased the profile's engagement rate two-fold. During the first three months, Papa Jesus' followers increased 70% and led to a special collaboration with another craft farm in Oregon.

"Savina has a great energy and personality, I'm loving the work she has presented so far and I can't wait for more."
- Clent Baker, Founder of Papa Jesus Farms