Okay y’all, this is going to be so much fun. I’m so excited to reintroduce you to the world of collage. Who remembers putting together their New Years resolution board with a bunch of old fashion magazines you had lying around?

Boom, you’ve made a collage.

All a collage really is, is the combination of diverse materials and media, like fabric, books, magazines, labels, photographs, really anything, into a single composition. So it’s like an old friend you used to go to middle school with and recently found on Instagram. Collage as an art form has been a creative’s outlet since Picasso (Google it). My favorite style in particular are surreal collages. This is the area I like to create in as well, my bread and butter. It’s a dreamy space between reality and our imaginations. Really, it’s limitless. Not in that never-ending scary way, but in the way you can go back-and-forth about what shape a cloud is.

If you feel the same way, then you’re going to love my newest Skillshare class Paper Collage Basics: Working with Florals. In this class, we go through four of the many different collage styles that you can try to create your very own floral collage! This is perfect for anyone who wants a little more creative freedom or just a quick project you can pick up and put down at any time. (I’ve held on to some clippings for MONTHS before I’ve added them to a composition.) Or maybe you’ve seen more and more of this style creep into your feed and you want to try it out for yourself.

This is definitely not your old resolution boards, but in all the good ways. We will explore some of my favorite tools to use, secret sources, pasting tips, and of course how to throw it all together! So what are you waiting for? Flex that imagination of yours and watch Paper Collage Basics: Working with Florals to get started creating your own masterpiece!

P.S. This class is featured on Skillshare for Premium members. If you don’t have a membership already, click here for two months free on me.

This post originally appeared on The Pigeon Letters