If you’ve made it this far then you probably had a chance to read my quick¬†origin story. It was pure madness that drove me to end my career with a successful agriculture software company and begin working for my passion: cannabis. But let’s start when I landed my very first client,¬†Little Prince of Oregon.

Divine intervention led me to meet the right people at the right time, and I was finally going to see the fruition of my efforts. Before starting Little Prince’s project, I decided to meet with one of their past software developers to figure out how we could integrate their inventory system to the new website.

Let’s back up just a bit more here. When I was first thinking about taking the plunge into the Green Rush, I totally was afraid of the stigma that was associated with the plant. After working 5 years of labor-intensive work, there was nothing worse than quitting it for marihuana.

In Latinx culture, cannabis was looked at as something only gangsters and lazy people do. There are still times when I have to explain to my family members that because I work from home and medicate, doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. Because I’m not out all night cleaning toilets or slinging chicken at El Pollo Loco (real job in the past) doesn’t mean I am not making a hard-earned buck.

Okay okay, let’s get back to the meeting. Initially, the meeting felt professional, and we respected each other’s knowledge in the field. Very casually the gentleman mentioned his company will be hiring, and he wanted to talk further about the position. When I mentioned that I had just left a position to begin a freelance career he chuckled, looked up at me and said 

“Get a real job, only people who come from rich families or hit the lottery can do that.”

I’ll give it a second.

His comment was so direct, it turned my stomach inside out. This was the worst thing I heard starting my career. I understood that I was taking on a huge financial risk. But was that supposed to be a twisted foreshadow of my demise? Or did he just really want me to go after that position? Am I not able to be in the same position as he is, the head of a business?

Turns out – I am. Plus, I get to smoke weed at my job, talk about benefits.