You guys, I have discovered the joy of white labeling my services. I thought white labeling was only something the product world was able to do. You know, like store brand cereal or something. Turns out, I’m late to the game and white labeling your services is a THING. In the digital world, to white label is to provide service to a (usually larger) agency that then provides the service to their client, under their brand.

Now hold on — I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t they using my secret sauce without throwing back any credit? Well cool your jets, because I don’t care if I get any credit on the project. No really, it’s not a move of humility but a well-understood trade. Agencies are able to provide a service they weren’t able to before and I can focus on other things I like.

Agencies take on the initial groundwork and only reach out when they need you to get to business. Less time marketing my services means more time writing, advocating, or scaling Savina Monet. There is generally no contact with the end client (unless approved), so less time emailing about why green shouldn’t be their first palette choice. Why re-invent the wheel or even worse, turn down a paying client because you don’t “offer that service”? This is the era of work smarter, not harder!

I try to make it as easy as I can with my partners by allowing them full access to my branding and web design questionnaires, Asana dashboard for client convenience, plus unlimited revisions on concepts.

The cannabis industry is so vast, there is a niche for everyone to comfortably exist in. It doesn’t have to feel like a competition. In fact, I’ve felt that there is a strong barter economy in cannabis. Money isn’t (always) the motive in this space, entrepreneurs are happy to lend a helping hand without a cash exchange.